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        When we established the orchard, we chose the best tree varieties in terms of fruit quality and crop quantity. Our fruits are grown using the latest technology in the field.

        Regular orchard spraying is done by meeting rigorous standards with phyto-sanitary products, approved and accepted both in our country and on the foreign markets. The fertigation procedures are done scientifically, assisted by our computer guided Israeli system.

        The fruits are delivered fresh (cherries) or they are preserved at appropriate temperature, humidity or in absence of oxygen in our cold storages - ULO - (pears and plums). Our fruits are sorted with special machines and they are further packed and supplied in temperature controlled conditions using our cold insulated trucks.

        You can find us in the major Romanian supermarkets under the following brand : "Livada - familia Popescu" (The Orchard - Popescu family).

        During the fruit season, we also open an orchard shop for selling fresh fruits at reduced prices.

Certifications :

         - GlobalGap ( Worldwide Standard for Good Agricultural Practice)

         - HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points)



We are a family of agronomist engineers who founded a super-intensive orchard of cherry, plum and pear trees on a surface of 30 Ha. Our orchard is mostly based on Dutch technology, but part of the trees were also imported from Germany. Today, the orchard is in full production, providing high-quality fresh fruits for both domestic and export markets.

ing. Adrian Popescu


Takes care for the whole business in general, relationships with partners and phyto-sanitary treatments.

dr. ing. Nadia Popescu


Takes care of production (technological operations) fertilization, cutting maintenance, etc.

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